What Do Embarrassment, Fun and Ridiculousness Have in Common?*


“If you have a great team dynamic, it makes every single person on the team better. If you don’t, it makes everything a drag.” — Jack Dorsey, Twitter Co-founder

If you want to work at SoapBox you have to be willing to either A) — make a fool of yourself or B) — be cool enough to get away with just laughing at those who are willing to make fools of themselves.

Working in a start-up environment can be insane. Long days that run into each other, lots of tears, missed events, high emotions, lots of triumph and lots of disappointment – and that is just an average Monday and Tuesday.

SoapBox launched in October of 2012. We started with 1.5 people and have grown to nearly 30 full-time employees. SoapBox was founded on the TellTale Ten – personal values that I believe in as a set of guiding principles for work and life.

  1. Create Value
  2. Inspire Ideas
  3. Motivate Others
  4. Take Risks
  5. Invoke Passion
  6. Be Genuine
  7. Be Honest
  8. Be Reasonable
  9. Be Clear
  10. Have Fun

We’ve spent our last 4 years living these values day in and day out. We decided (by we, I mean me, as not sure anyone else would have willingly made this same decision) the best way to celebrate our 1,460 days of survival would be on a beautiful property, with amazing food, good wine and a candlelight courtyard dinner – right after Sumo wrestling complete with blow up suits (ISA’s Chairman was among our first challenger), a Velcro wall that you ran and stuck too (ISA’s President was reigning champ), a team challenge where we threw (yes, actually threw) team members as high as possible on to the Velcro wall, and let’s not forget the egg off (basically the elementary game of tossing eggs and moving further apart until they break).

We topped the night off with a champagne sabering presentation by our Director of Systems and Programming, who was our first employee, and super fab throwback music by DJ Dan, Our Director of Client Services and our 2nd employee.

It was super fun. We giggled hysterically, cheered raucously and exchange sentimental moments *single tear shedding*.

*If you are still asking yourself what the answer to the headline is, cool. That was my intention.

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