Pawn it Off – Do Less and Grow More

By September 27, 2016Be Honest


A key component to maintaining your sanity is knowing when you’re approaching your breaking point. Get ahead of the meltdown by “pawning it off.” No, I don’t mean taking all of your stuff down to the Pawn Stars shop and selling it to Chum Lee. I’m referring to delegating tasks.

The best managers do not make “to-do” lists. They make “not-to-do” lists.

Delegating is not always easy, but while having a senior-level employee doing the work of an entry/mid-level employee may get you through a tight spot, it will not fuel ongoing company growth or maximize profitability. In a start-up environment, there is always a fire. There is always something that can pull management away from strategic growth and developing process efficiencies.

I am like a broken record. (Most SoapBoxers have never had to endure the pain of the skipping record. Since I don’t want them to miss out, I fill that void.). Focus on the highest payoff tasks. Focus on the highest payoff tasks. Focus on the highest payoff tasks. Get it? I am always asking, is it crucial for YOU to do it or can someone else take care of it?

By passing the torch, you are also allowing others an opportunity to learn something new.

I was taught early on in my career that if I was always focused on training my successor, I would always move up – and so would they.    

This scares the crap out of some people. People are insecure. They are afraid someone may be better than them. They want to hold on to being the only one who can do something – people think THIS makes them valuable. It doesn’t. It just feeds ego and makes the company vulnerable. Pawning it off (correctly) can be one of your best tools. Your team will be stronger and you can focus on those high payoff tasks.

Today’s BLOG is the last installment of the Sane September series. Hopefully you’ve found some of these tips and hints helpful, and are one step farther away from losing your sh*t.

If you would like to share any of your own ideas on maintaining your sanity while leading a startup, or running a business, tweet me @jax_rosales.


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