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Here is an in-the-moment, truthful look at what being the Boss means on an average Tuesday night in July.

It is 10:09 PM and I have 2742 unread emails.

I have 52,755 total emails in my inbox. When my computer stops working any day now, IT will blame it on my email box size. It may, or may not, be the real reason.

I have 21 voicemails on my cell phone I have not listened to.

At least 5 people are really mad at me.

I have barked orders, been barked at, attempted to meditate and cried – all in the last 60 minutes. My daughter insisted I stop what I am doing so I can do a double French braid in her hair. I had no idea I could actually do that. But I did. That was cool. It does not matter who is, and who is not, doing their job. Ultimately it is my responsibility. My daughter has to be ready and out the door by 8 AM to get to an audition 70 miles away and then to Make-a-Movie camp. Oh and she needs a white tee-shirt by 8 AM – no problem. The dogs are outside and still need to be fed. My cat may need to be fed too. I am not sure, as the cat may actually be lost.

People honestly think I ignore their emails. Nope, I just don’t get to them all.

I should probably go outside and check my mail (my physical mail — you know, snail mail) as once it gets full enough, the mail person takes it all back and I have to fetch it from the “main” post office. Yes, this has happened more than once.

I finally hit the wall and needed to feed myself. I ate a chicken lollipop – what’s that you ask? I just stuck a fork in a piece of chicken and nibbled it down. My 9-year-old prepared her own dinner. Pasta. She made way too much. I had a small panic attack when I saw the kitchen. We all pitched in to clean it up. My husband looks super tired. I am not sure where he even worked today or what his day was like. I really want to know but the truth is, we will likely not get to chat or spend more than 2 minutes together.

I have at least a dozen email replies minimized at the bottom of my screen.

I asked my daughter to pack her own lunch. She shoved ham in a round 2 inch Tupperware container that you might use for ranch dip or something. Seems ok to me.

I really, really have to pee.

It’s the Nordstrom Anniversary Early Access sale and I need to spend some quality time online shopping before the deals are open to the public. I have some actual “real” problems too. But I have no mental energy to put towards them. I am training for a 100-mile bike race. And I have not done any training today.

I finally decided to pee and there was no toilet paper.

The AC is malfunctioning. It is like 50 degrees in some rooms and 90 in others. I am just putting clothes on and taking clothes off as I move around the house – maybe that can count as part of my bike training somehow.

I’ve been tagged in multiple Facebook challenges. Probably everyone is mad at me for any one of the following; not posting pics that make me feel like a great Mom, or pics of my spouse and then tagging 300 other people, copying and pasting the status to show I really read their wall, doing 22 pushups in honor of something or posting a makeup-free selfie.

So you want to be the boss? It’s not always as glamorous as people think.

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