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August 9, 2016

The Real Real of an Entrepreneur

By | Be Genuine, Be Honest, Create Value, Take Risks | 17 Comments

14 Floundering Founder Moments


  1. The day you fire the person you thought would save the day. You know the one you paid double the budget for because you were so sure?
  1. That moment you finally have 4 people in the office who know what’s going on! Unfortunately, you gave them all vacation at the same time. Perfect.
  1. The day one of your staff says something like “Oh, my Mom does that.” Your mom must be a really hot, young, and successful lady then. *insert hair flip here*
  1. When you completely blow your monthly goal out of the water and you hear; “Can’t wait for you do it again next month.” Umm, 2 months in a row? Let’s all take a moment to appreciate this month. mKay?
  1. When you forget your lunch at home. I like to eat. Scratch that. LOVE TO EAT. And I’m extremely particular about what I eat. So this is a day ruined for me.
  1. The day you are super pumped for CrossFit after work. But instead of going you somehow end up in bed after the true exhaustion of reading 1/10th your unread emails.
  1. The unforgettable moment when you can’t unsee something you saw on some dumbass’ Social Media page. And now its saved in your camera-roll and no matter how hard you try, you cannot stop looking at it.
  1. The moment when you’re searching for a way to make your staff understand how serious you really are. But you realize, flipping a table will get you sued (and what’s the point if there are no cameras around) and dropping 12 F-Bombs may just hurt the nice girl’s feelings.
  1. The morning you are so proud you have all your sh*t together and you’re finally prepared for the day. Only to have left your laptop and gym socks at home. So now you have to give yourself the “I Love Myself Just the Way I Am” speech and work as a “Guest User” all day. Also, gym shoes without socks is just gross.
  1. When the BCC bites you in the ass. For the third time.  And refuses to take you out to dinner first. How rude.
  1. When you lock your car keys in the office and your office keys in your car.  True story. And let’s not talk about how the spare keys are conveniently in your “other purse”.
  1. That moment when people are purposely ignoring your emails and you have to decide between snapping your laptop in half or driving to their house and forcing them to respond in person. Only to realize you actually never sent anything and each email is still minimized at the bottom of your screen; ironically only waiting for YOUR approval.
  1. When your late-night scroll through social media reveals how your “sick” employee nurses themselves back to perfect health by getting dressed up and going out to what seems to be a club or an extravagant bar of some sort.  Just so we’re all on the same page. The fake call-in didn’t bother me. The stupidity of posting it on social media was the punch in the gut. I expect my team to be smarter than that. Wait a day and post it tomorrow — for HR purposes.
  1. Umm, auto fill is the most ingenious invention of all time. Oops, wrong client. Oops, wrong employee.  Oh well, I guess the President of our company always wanted to know my “honest” opinion about his “art pieces.” I’ll just start writing my apology letter now.