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July 19, 2016

YouTube is the New BoobTube

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The Trilogy is Ending

Is Online Video the Most Important Cultural Force Since the Motion Picture? Part 3

Ok,Ok,Ok. I get that we keep talking about this. My secret hope is that you all get sick of hearing me harp on this and take action.

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So, what have we learned?

If you want capture the hearts (and therefore the opinions, loyalty and share of wallet) of Gen Y/X, offer them experiences. Cash only goes so far. Think experiences. Concert tickets, Meet & Greets, Custom content, Warp walls (American Ninja Warrior anyone?), A day with your favorite social media star, free products (if you can get a hold of some Kylie Jenner lip kits you may just score an audience of 5 million trying to “win” it – of course you have to be savvier than the kids to actual purchase one in the 1/10th of a millisecond before they sell out). Point being, get creative. PS – Don’t steal any of my ideas. If you do, you have to split the audience you attract with me 50/50.

In the world of social media, the next cultural phenomena could literally be hours away. There may be no way of predicting these things, but you can be ready to adapt when they hit. Be hyper aware. Entrench yourselves in the Gen Y/X world – and I don’t mean reading newspaper articles (online OR print) about them. I mean talk to them. Experience what they experience first-hand. Instead of being quick to judge, try being quick to understand.

Market Researchers, brands and hey, even politicians, should use email as a last resort for reaching Gen X/Y. Within the next couple of years, it will basically be as effective as using smoke signals to be rescued from a remote island. You can choose to wither away in the harsh conditions of remote island, or try to avoid being stranded all together. Your choice. Why wait? Start to change now.

Social media stars have the power to entrance their audience within seconds. One short YouTube video, Instagram image, tweet, musical.ly video, vlog, live stream, or SnapChat, can amass millions of eyeballs in an instant and win unwavering loyalty from their audience. Advertising, product endorsements and your average joe teenager talking into an iphone camera in their messy bedroom has an obscene impact.

We have no way to know what is next. If we did, or if I did anyway, I wouldn’t be writing this BLOG. I do know, we need to be open, less critical and genuinely curious about what is happening around us.

I was just trying to write the end of this BLOG post and my daughter just walked in to my office. She came in to announce” you know how Dad won’t buy me an apple computer? Well, if I win this contest, I get a gold MacBook Air.”
The contest is YouTuber Bunny (she can be found at Grav3yardgirl on YouTube) automatically entering her subscribers into a Back-to-School giveaway contest. If you are not a subscriber, there is a link in her bio that takes you to a website with other ways to enter and subscribe to her channel. Bunny has 7,172,976 subscribers as of 8:03 PM on July 19th. So there you have it.