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April 26, 2016

Every Day May Not Be Good…

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…but there’s something good in every day.

Jacqueline is taking a short break this #Telltaletuesday, but don’t worry, she’ll be back next week. She and her family were involved in a small car accident over the weekend (everyone is healthy and safe!), so she asked me to guest blog for her today. I should probably start by introducing myself. I’m the Director of Marketing for SoapBoxSample and I’ve been with the company just over a year and a half. During my time working with Jacqueline, I’ve had a front row seat to her amazing journey. In just the short time I’ve known her I’ve seen her overcome a series of obstacles — physical, personal, and professional. Even one or two of these would make any normal person lose their minds and completely give up. But Jacqueline is not normal. (Yes, I am allowed to talk about my boss that way.)

For those of you who know Jacqueline, you won’t be surprised to hear me describe her as insanely tenacious*. Fifteen months ago she and her family were involved in a devastating car accident that left her unable to walk or even stand up. Her recovery was long, slow, and painful. But for Jacqueline, impossible challenges are what she lives for. She suffered through the pain and mental anguish, constantly pushing herself to be better than she was the day before.

Jax.running.memoryLast Sunday she re-posted a Facebook a memory from one year ago, that said the following:

The morning of the accident I did my last mile at 7:23. Today I did my first post accident mile run at 17:23. Lots of tears and had to hold on the sides at the end as my foot was dragging. You have to start somewhere. #fightingforrecovery #noexcuses #nopainnogain #icandothis #iwillrunagain #recoverytears #iwantmylifeback #ihatecaraccidents

She loved, no LOVES to run, and is/was determined to run again after the accident. But despite her best efforts over the last year, the damage to her legs may be too severe to allow it. In true Jacqueline style, she overcame this setback with pure mental grit. The accident may have taken away her ability to run, but that just gave way for the opportunity to become a competitive cyclist.

“Roadblocks can be stopping points, or pivot points. It’s up to you. I can either be ‘someone who used to run’ or ‘a road biker’. I choose to be a road biker.” — Jacqueline Rosales

Last weekend Jacqueline faced a roadblock yet again when she and her family were rear-ended. Thankfully, this car accident was much less severe and I’m happy to report that they are doing fine physically although you can imagine the memories this brings back. When we spoke on the phone and I was carrying on about how f*cked up and unfair it is that they have to go though this experience, she pointed me to a meme someone had posted on her Facebook page, based on this quote;

“Every day may not be good…
but there’s something good in every day” —
Alice Morse Earle

Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she immediately started thinking of the lesson to be gained, and how she could use what had happened to her to help other people. The Telltale Ten is a source of joy for Jacqueline because she loves to mentor, support and inspire people. Although a car accident (temporarily) took away her ability to write she pivoted and we found a way to get it done. Other people would have put it off for next week, or reposted something old. Jacqueline is not one to take the easy way out. And if I do my job correctly, the result will be something her readers will find helpful and uplifting.

She applies the same resilience, tenacity and guts to running SoapBoxSample.** Lots of leaders talk about being authentic, and the importance of having grit and determination, and all of the other buzz words flying around in corporate culture. But Jacqueline actually lives it every day. And she encourages others to do the same. When Jacqueline’s accident happened in January 2015, not only was I new to SoapBoxSample, having joined only three months prior, but I was also new to the market research industry. Seeing her recovery gave me the opportunity to learn much more from Jacqueline than I could ever have learned from a typical boss. I have gained a true passion for research, learned to take ownership of my mistakes, and I believe I am more committed to SoapBoxSample than I have ever been to…basically anything.

So now I’m encouraging anyone reading this, when you need to really dig deep and get something done, think of Jacqueline running on that treadmill with one foot dragging behind her. (Not even sure how that’s possible. If it doesn’t inspire you it might at least make you laugh.)

If you have your own story of resiliency you would like to share, reach out on Twitter @jax_rosales or email Jacqueline@telltaleten.com.

*The insanely part is not hyperbole. She goes after her goals with an almost inhuman focus. (She’s my friend and she knows it’s true so my statement won’t offend her.)

**A message to SoapBox staff: Don’t think you’ll be off the hook for too long. Jacqueline will probably be back in full swing before you’re done reading this article.

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