The Power of Mental Grit

By March 29, 2016Create Value

Grit /ɡrit/

courage and resolve; strength of character

Being educated, street smart, skilled and trained may get you far in life. Those qualities may help you achieve your desired level of success. In my nearly 20 years in market research and 40+ years of life, I have met some pretty incredible, and undoubtedly successful, people. But the people who inspire me the most, are those with mental grit. IMHO, mental grit will get your further than any other attribute. Some experts agree with me.

When I take a look at the staff at SoapBoxSample, the common thread is mental grit. They come from varying educational backgrounds, diverse ethnicities, a mix of socioeconomic upbringings, differing social and political views, and a wide range of interests and backgrounds. But they ALL have mental grit.

Mental grit powers an individual through tragedy and success. Our team has suffered unexpected loss of loved ones, divorces, babies, illnesses, physical injury, lawsuits, betrayal of trust, addiction, recovery, physical triumphs, financial loss, financial gain, hospitalization, challenges with children – unexpected obstacles of all sort – yet they all come out the other side. We actually get through it together.

You see, those with mental grit are a special group. They “get” each other despite having very little else in common. They thrive off one another. They empower one another. And above all, they support one another through personal AND professional victory and defeat.

If you look at the most successful business people, the most admired politicians, the most beloved historical icons, the most popular “famous” people, the most decorated athletes, the strongest families, the most desired relationships, the “best” employees (you get it) – the core, the thing that makes them great, is mental grit – seek it, attract it, be it.

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  • […] What I love about this story is the idea that every employee can make a huge impact on their company no matter their role. I also love finding and hiring people that exhibit traits of GRIT — guts, resilience, initiative and tenacity. And Richard Montanez is a prime example of this. Mental grit is what powers a person through personal tragedy, and IMHO, will get you farther than anything else. (Further reading — The Power of Mental Grit.) […]

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