Bizarre Client Requests

By March 1, 2016Have Fun

If you have been in the Market Research Industry for any length of time, you have likely seen, or at the very least heard of, some pretty insane client requests. The insane part may be that they are actually serious requests. Like totally serious.
I sometimes wonder if they REALLY think we can help them (or in some cases even read what they are sending). I’ve seen people get frustrated, even mad at these requests and banter on. No need. You’d be surprised at how we have actually helped to achieve some of these crazy requests. At the end of the day, as researchers, we must Have Fun (a SoapBox Telltale Ten).
As part of my emcee gig at SampleCon, I presented a list Top Ten Most Bizarre Client Requests. We got a lot of chuckles from attendees so seemed worth sharing with a larger audience. Enjoy.
PS – It’s good to lighten up every once in a while. Embrace the absurdity and have a little fun.
What is your favorite, most bizarre, or most ridiculous client request? Tweet it to me @jax_rosales, and tag #iloveclients or #telltaletuesday
Top 10 Bizarre Client Requests
10. We need to survey people who drive away from gas stations with the hose still attached to their gas tank.
9. Target: Librarians…in Nebraska
8. Topic: Determine respondent’s willingness to store medical information… in an implant inserted under the skin.
7. Let’s not offer English and anyone who takes the survey can be considered unacculturated.
6. 10% Incidence Rate…after targeting for Muscular Dystrophy.
5. Don’t Hassle “The Hoff,” n500 = Do not know who David Hasselhoff is, n500 = Know The Hoff but are not fans, n500 = Fans of The Hoff
4. Topic: Clothing Stains…on armpits.
3. Target: Mexican Shrimp Farmers
2. Target: Those who suffer from ADD or ADHD, Survey Length: 55 minutes
1. Is your panel validated against the U.S. Terrorist Watch List?


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