Stop the Insanity — 8 Tips to End Meeting Madness

By March 21, 2016Create Value

Have you ever attended a bad meeting? If your answer is no, you probably haven’t been to enough meetings. Learning how to lead a good meeting will increase your chances of being successful. It could be a 15-minute meeting, or a daylong meeting, there are a few basic things you can do to maximize your and your attendees’ time.

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Bottom line is this. If you have five people in a 60-minute meeting that is five hours of time. The five hours is merely just the tangible time. It is also five hours of time that is NOT spent on something else. If you are going to be a meeting leader, it is your job to make that time valuable for you, the other people and the organization as a whole.


Start approaching meetings with a sense of consciousness. Even if you are (or think you are) a good leader, try tweaking one thing to make it more effective. I guarantee if you accomplish all that you set out to do and wrap-up early, people will be forever indebted – or at least happy to have ten minutes of their life back.


This post also appeared on The Micro Business Blog and the Executive Vine.

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