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The Power of Mental Grit

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Grit /ɡrit/

courage and resolve; strength of character

Being educated, street smart, skilled and trained may get you far in life. Those qualities may help you achieve your desired level of success. In my nearly 20 years in market research and 40+ years of life, I have met some pretty incredible, and undoubtedly successful, people. But the people who inspire me the most, are those with mental grit. IMHO, mental grit will get your further than any other attribute. Some experts agree with me.

When I take a look at the staff at SoapBoxSample, the common thread is mental grit. They come from varying educational backgrounds, diverse ethnicities, a mix of socioeconomic upbringings, differing social and political views, and a wide range of interests and backgrounds. But they ALL have mental grit.

Mental grit powers an individual through tragedy and success. Our team has suffered unexpected loss of loved ones, divorces, babies, illnesses, physical injury, lawsuits, betrayal of trust, addiction, recovery, physical triumphs, financial loss, financial gain, hospitalization, challenges with children – unexpected obstacles of all sort – yet they all come out the other side. We actually get through it together.

You see, those with mental grit are a special group. They “get” each other despite having very little else in common. They thrive off one another. They empower one another. And above all, they support one another through personal AND professional victory and defeat.

If you look at the most successful business people, the most admired politicians, the most beloved historical icons, the most popular “famous” people, the most decorated athletes, the strongest families, the most desired relationships, the “best” employees (you get it) – the core, the thing that makes them great, is mental grit – seek it, attract it, be it.

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Stop the Insanity — 8 Tips to End Meeting Madness

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Have you ever attended a bad meeting? If your answer is no, you probably haven’t been to enough meetings. Learning how to lead a good meeting will increase your chances of being successful. It could be a 15-minute meeting, or a daylong meeting, there are a few basic things you can do to maximize your and your attendees’ time.

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Bottom line is this. If you have five people in a 60-minute meeting that is five hours of time. The five hours is merely just the tangible time. It is also five hours of time that is NOT spent on something else. If you are going to be a meeting leader, it is your job to make that time valuable for you, the other people and the organization as a whole.


Start approaching meetings with a sense of consciousness. Even if you are (or think you are) a good leader, try tweaking one thing to make it more effective. I guarantee if you accomplish all that you set out to do and wrap-up early, people will be forever indebted – or at least happy to have ten minutes of their life back.


This post also appeared on The Micro Business Blog and the Executive Vine.

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Empower is an Action Verb

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“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” — Bill Gates

I believe in attraction rather than promotion. Pave the way so others can follow. Be a mentor. Be a good person. Work your ass off and earn what you deserve. If I don’t like something, or think something is unfair, I work to change it.

People often ask me if I am proud of what I have accomplished as a woman. I get super aggravated when people ask me that. I’ve had many heated discussions with women I respect and admire over “women’s issues.” They see things differently than me and that’s ok. I am not arguing that we should ignore this issue. I am not trying to undo historical progress for women’s equality. I am not trying to say that other women who focus on this, or fight for it, are wrong. I am proud of what I have accomplished period – regardless of my gender. Recently I was accused of not doing enough to support diversity. I say bullshit.

“If I stop to kick every barking dog I am not going to get where I’m going.” — Jackie Joyner-Kersee

I have a daughter. Her name is Antonella and she is 9 years old. She is a super sassy snowboarding, rock climbing, gymnastics tumbling, competitive swimming, honor-roll student – and a straight up Badass. She decided a couple of years of ago she wanted to be an actress.* Despite my efforts to talk her out of it, she is living her dream. I want her to have work ethic. I want her to experience disappointment and face consequences for her actions. I want her to accept rejection and live on without letting it define her.

I don’t talk to her about what she should or should not do as a “girl.” I strive to teach her what she needs to know to navigate her way through this world and not be afraid to go after what she wants. We don’t spend a lot of time talking about diversity and fairness in our house. We live it. My husband is Latino, she is mixed race and I am a full-time working Mother. She lives in a house where grit, determination, honesty, hard work, discipline and respect are paramount. She sees me go to work every day doing something I love. She sees me build relationships with my staff and knows them all by name – and they know her.

Women make up half of my staff at SoapBoxSample. I didn’t hire them because they are women. I wasn’t thinking about how to improve diversity when I promoted them. I was only thinking of their qualifications and the work they had done. I think that women are more than capable of succeeding in business and to act as if we need extra support does us all a grave disservice, men and women alike.

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” – Napoleon Hill

IMHO, the best way to fuel change, is to change one’s self – others will follow. Some of the old adages are the most powerful. Lead by example. Never give up. So break that ceiling. I do not care if you are male, female, old, young, fat, skinny, gay, straight, Republican or Democrat. If you want something, if you believe in something, go after it.

“Live authentically.”— Jacqueline Rosales

*See Antonella’s Fruitocracy Commercial (She’s the one in the pink jacket standing in the snow at 00:11).


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Bizarre Client Requests

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If you have been in the Market Research Industry for any length of time, you have likely seen, or at the very least heard of, some pretty insane client requests. The insane part may be that they are actually serious requests. Like totally serious.
I sometimes wonder if they REALLY think we can help them (or in some cases even read what they are sending). I’ve seen people get frustrated, even mad at these requests and banter on. No need. You’d be surprised at how we have actually helped to achieve some of these crazy requests. At the end of the day, as researchers, we must Have Fun (a SoapBox Telltale Ten).
As part of my emcee gig at SampleCon, I presented a list Top Ten Most Bizarre Client Requests. We got a lot of chuckles from attendees so seemed worth sharing with a larger audience. Enjoy.
PS – It’s good to lighten up every once in a while. Embrace the absurdity and have a little fun.
What is your favorite, most bizarre, or most ridiculous client request? Tweet it to me @jax_rosales, and tag #iloveclients or #telltaletuesday
Top 10 Bizarre Client Requests
10. We need to survey people who drive away from gas stations with the hose still attached to their gas tank.
9. Target: Librarians…in Nebraska
8. Topic: Determine respondent’s willingness to store medical information… in an implant inserted under the skin.
7. Let’s not offer English and anyone who takes the survey can be considered unacculturated.
6. 10% Incidence Rate…after targeting for Muscular Dystrophy.
5. Don’t Hassle “The Hoff,” n500 = Do not know who David Hasselhoff is, n500 = Know The Hoff but are not fans, n500 = Fans of The Hoff
4. Topic: Clothing Stains…on armpits.
3. Target: Mexican Shrimp Farmers
2. Target: Those who suffer from ADD or ADHD, Survey Length: 55 minutes
1. Is your panel validated against the U.S. Terrorist Watch List?