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January 2016

The 33% Rule

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Has anyone ever heard of the 33% rule?

It basically states that 33% of your time should be spent with mentors (people that challenge you), 33% with your peers (those on the same level as you), and 33% with people that you can mentor and guide. The idea was created by Tai Lopez, TED speaker and creator of some famously annoying YouTube videos in which he shows off his incredible wealth. I don’t normally take advice from Lamborghini drivers, but in this case I think Lopez may be on to something.

Market research thought leaders are predicting a sea change for the industry, marked by an increase in research facilitated by new market entrants with the ability to displace some of the more seasoned researchers and techniques.

The marketing department will continue to do more and more research. As DIY platforms become easier to implement and understand – the need for research specialists will decline.Gregg Archibald, Managing Partner, Gen2 Advisors

Rather than bemoan the destruction of research as we know it, we should look at this trend as an opportunity. A glut of newcomers means a larger market. Our industry is growing. Professional researchers are not being replaced but rather have the opportunity to be the mentor, or the learner regardless of how many years of industry experience they may have.

Everyone will get involved in market research and insight development, so we as experts need to ensure we lead the advance and do not get left behind in all the interest and enthusiasm.Denyse Drummond-Dunn, President and Customer Centricity Catalyst, C3Centricity

Technology changes everything. Like many industries, the world of research is constantly being shaken up by developments that continue to lower the barriers to entry. As someone who has grown an online research company from scratch, I can tell you that the most effective forms of entrepreneurship forge a new path while borrowing from the lessons of the past.

Perhaps one of the best “live action” examples of the rule of thirds in MR, happens every year at SampleCon. Last year at SampleCon 2015 I asked a room full of conference attendees how many had not been in the industry 3 years ago, or worked for a company that did not exist 3 years ago. Hands went up, and not just a couple. This year, there are even more new faces sitting alongside some of the most seasoned veterans in our space. Everyone gets a seat at the table.

The 33% rule teaches us that seasoned players and new entrants alike have an equally important role to play in the growth and health of all careers, companies, and industries. I feel hopeful looking at the future of the research industry. I see an overall acceptance of the need to ask questions and understand deeply, and a growing trend toward using collaboration as a way to get there.

Originally published January 15, 2016 on the Greenbook Blog