Dam Roadblocks

By December 21, 2015Be Reasonable

“Swim, said the Mommy fishy, swim if you can”…….

I loved to run and race. It had become a mental, physical and social outlet for me.

After a car accident, I was injured and worked hard at my recovery every single day. There was no question in my mind – I would not let my injury take away running.

Wrong. I ended up with no choice. A combination of nerve damage, and RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Disorder) shut down my ability to run. It was a Thursday afternoon when my doctor gave me that news. I was devastated. I sat in my car and called around trying to make appointment to see a psychologist. No joke. I was not handling the news well.

Fast forward to Saturday morning – less than 48 hours later I found myself at Block Bikes in my hometown. I had to pivot. I had to MAKE a decision to ACCEPT and then move on. So I can’t run? Fine. And that is how I became a road biker. Hundreds of miles later, I have my sights set on a Century Race (100 miles and 5000+ feet in climbing elevation) in April of 2016.

Roadblocks can be stopping points, or pivot points. It’s up to you.

I can either be “someone who used to run” or “a road biker.” I choose to be a road biker.

…”and they swam, and they swam right over that dam”


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