My Friends Are Cooler Than Your Friends

By December 18, 2015Motivate Others

Guilty by association got me in a lot of trouble during my teen years. These days, I am lucky enough to be friends with some pretty freaking amazing peeps. On a regular basis, I get to work out, train and race with some Elite athletes.

None of them seem to mind that I am an imposter – they treat me as if I was one of them, push me out of my comfort zone and help me achieve physical feats I would deem unlikely, if not impossible, on a regular basis. They have taught me that pushing your physical limits has just as much to do with your mental prowess as your physical abilities.

This is my friend Ashley Seeger. She is a crazy cat. She is an Elite Spartan competitor with numerous podium finishes, a 5th place finisher in the World’s Toughest Mudder, has run 50+ miles of obstacles in a 24 hour period and does all kinds of other super insane things. Check her out – running to my house in a full wetsuit, jumping in my pool and then running back home as part of her WTM training.

Here’s the deal. You need cool people around you. You need people who inspire you to be a better you at whatever it is you are doing. If you can’t name at least a handful of people you know personally, and admire for accomplishments that seem out of your reach, you need to start hanging with some new peeps.

In order to be inspiring, you need to be inspired.

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